Council of Tashkent State University of Economics was organized to consider the main issues the activity of the higher education establishment according to the Regulations about Higher Education under the chair of the rector if the University.

The aim of higher education establishment is to joint the activity directed to fulfillment of the following tasks of the body of higher education establishment: execute the national program of  manpower training, ensure training of bachelors and masters of high quality on the base of modern pedagogic technologies and computerization, develop scientific researches, growth  youth in a  nationalism spirit, formation features of citizenship, be proud of the motherland, mental    - enlightenment and cultural features.

the following are the members of the Council of the University: rector (chairman), pro-rectors, deans of faculty, directors  of independent organizations and branches entered in the staff of university, heads of a departments training specialists, and students and employees, representatives of  trade union of the university. other members of the Council shall be elected on the general meeting of the faculty by closed ballot. the number of the members elected to the Council out of the teaching staff shall be established by the decision of the rector. Leading scientists  and experts working on the problems of special direction and representatives of international and foreign educational institutions. Term of powers are 5 years.

Approved by the decision of the rector of University. At the beginning of each training year  new members are elected or entered according to the Regulations instead of those withdrawn from the staff of the Council by any reasons.   

The main tasks of the Council of the University are as follows:

  • consider adherence of state  standard of training, curriculum and programs according to national program of staff training;
  • establishes purposefulness of organization consolidated Scientific councils with higher education establishment of foreign states;
  • listens reports on education, scientific and research, spiritual and educational activities  of the departments and activity of science foundations at the lyceum, university, report on the results of  admission board, about needs in graduate specialists,   marketing services about communications with orders;
  • gives conclusions to large qualification practice of students and gives advices on improving them;
  • discusses the issues on the work of scientific-research,   spiritual and educational planning, improvement of the teaching staff;
  • made decisions on establish relations between higher education establishment of foreign states;
  • made decisions on issues related to open, close, amend faculties and chairs;
  • enters proposals on open new directions of education (specializations) taking into consideration of marketing services;
  • considers the issues on prepare and publish textbook, training aids and scientific courseware;
  • according to the Regulations “About the order of admit of pedagogic staff of higher education establishments” conducts competitions  for positions of teaching staff;
  • considers the documents of research workers aiming to receive the title of professor, docent and submits to approve for scientific title in established order;
  • recommends candidates to independent researcher, researcher- Higher Senior Officer and to other forms of post university education;
  • recommends to training on probation to higher education establishments of foreign states via associations of “Talent”    out of the staff of talent students and  teaching staff;
  • listens the reports on activity of small entities, companies and courses dealing with education services;
  • recommends candidates out of graduates of university to admit to probationer- researcher- explorer and approves the personal plans of probationer- researcher- explorer and topics of doctoral dissertations in cases of not divided to university faculty or not organizing councils  in departments;
  •     recommends candidates out of talent students and probationer- researcher- explorers of the university to get nominee scholarship;
  • listens reports deans of departments  about relations with graduates and probationer- researcher- explorers, works out measures on improving training of staff;
  • in cooperation with the fund of “For healthy generation” works out measures on improving social education of students  and on their health;
  •   establishes measures on improving of occupational safety and on-the-job safety of students and teachers of the university;
  • approves current (annual) plans of development of university and prospective plans and listens results of financial and economic activity;
  • discusses the projects of plans of improvement specialists of higher education, listens reports of branches  advanced training of university;
  • discusses issues on ensure formation of basic knowledge of English languages, and computer technologies, use Internet  by graduators and training staff of the university and establishes measures on them ;
  •    discusses matters on provision with training literature of education process, textbooks and training manual of new generation and prepare and publish guidance manual collections based on apply technologies of innovation education;

The Council shall carry out its activity according to the plans worked out  for each academic years. After examine the working plan of University Council by the Council it will be approved by the rector.

All the decisions of the Council on all issues of training and scientific works shall be adopted by open ballot of unanimous majority of votes. Competitions conducted  to get posts of training staff  and presentations for giving academic title of professor and decent shall be made by closed ballot   in the established order. After approving the decisions of the University Council by the rector they shall come into force. The meetings of the council is registered by minutes.  The minutes shall be signed by University rector and secretary.

Amendments to the working plans shall be made according to the Decrees of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers, decisions and orders of Council of Ministry of Higher and secondary special education.

Chairman of the Council, Rector of the University

Secretary of the Council, PhD, prof. Kucharov A.

Adress: 100063, Tashkent city, avenue UZBEKISTAN, 49
Phone number: (8 371) 232-64-21, Fax: (8 371) 232-60-01
E-mail: tdiu@tdiu.uz
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